I Had To Give 95 Percent Of My Activism To Peace – Edet Zakariya Abubakar


Edet Zakariya Abubakar is a Community Advocate, a Youth Activist who has spent all his youthful life in propagating for peace. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, he speaks on why he decided to work for humanity.

Edet Zakariya Abubakar was born in Yakurr Local Government of Cross River State and was raised in the city of Kaduna. Edet started his humanitarian services when he was not more than 10-years of age, the love to serve humanity which got its origin from the participation of his parents in community projects, and their helping hands to the vulnerable and less privileged people in the community, Edet made it a culture to help people in every little way he deem it fit. He is presently a National leader in many youths and students organizations, among many organizations he is leading, he is the founder of Youths Crisis Awareness And Peace Forum- YCAPF, which has a full national structure and branches in 97 countries of the world, touching all continents. Apart been a peace ambassador, he is a youth with political ambition who intends to fully participate in structuring the political atmosphere of the country come 2023, he is also an entrepreneur who deals with online and offline businesses.

Edet is an NCE holder, and a 400 level student in the prestigious Department of Primary Education, Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Federal College of Education Zaria Campus. After he has participated in different political offices in his school, he initiated the plan to establish the largest peace propagating youth-led organization, it was like a joke to the ears of so many for someone who is from a poor background to set up a youths organization with no or little donations, the project started, but with mockery from fellow student union leaders, and different sets of discouraging words, such as under-estimating his capacity, he managed to give himself courage from the same words by people. After two years of single-handedly struggling to achieve it, he was blessed with few ambassadors who buy his idea and used their strength and resources to ensure the dream come true. Little by little, they registered the organization with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as an Incorporated Trustees (IT) started a northern structure and pushed for the complete national structure, from their activities online, it captured the attention and interest of people from other countries of the world, which membership was issued to them and countries coordinators where appointed, and the organization continue spreading until now that they have 97 countries.

Excerpt from the interview:

What inspired you to start peace propagation and establish (YCAPF?)

I grew up in the Northern part of Nigeria, and looking at my country as one nation that is filled with religious, political and ethnicity differences and misunderstanding, I finds it necessary to start propagating for peace in my own little way, then I was a musician, my music was all about unity and the contribution our past heroes are responsible for our current state of unity, as a Kaduna based artist, I did an album titled “Zaman Lafiya (Leaving in Peace)” featuring Danzaki and others, after 2015 when I dropped music, looking at how much insurgency, political and religious intolerance was growing, I had to give 95% of my activism to Peace. My love for peace, unity and one indivisible world, irrespective of race, religion and culture led him to peace struggle.

How many humanitarian projects have you done?

Under the auspice of YCAPF, we have been able to execute alot of different projects which includes education, food for the vulnerable people, community awareness, among others. We have National projects, States projects and Local Government projects that includes all spheres of human life, such as donating books to pupils, feeding the Almajiri child, taking food to orphanage home, school to school peace campaign and that of community peace campaign.

Individually, I have released music of peace.

What are you recent projects?

Presently the only project we are on is nationwide Awareness on COVID-19, and shearing of palliatives to the vulnerable people in communities.

What makes you stand out?

I am one person who does not believe in defeat, I create opportunity out of failure, whenever someone criticise whatever I am doing, it adds a morale for me to keep focus and determination to achieve the set goals, whenever my efforts is been laughed at, that reminds me that there is something I needed to achieve, and I have achieved part by making someone noticed I am set for a success, I don’t compare myself to others, I live my life the way I planned it, following the lead of Almighty Allah.

What are your challenges ?

Sincerely speaking, my challenges just like every other organization is funds, we need to get a National Secretariat, get at least one vehicle for every geopolitical zones and one for National chapter. These will really ease our movements and we will be able to effectively carry out our peace crusade.

Secondly, those who have criticized the organization, left the organization and prayed bad for the organization are now in love with it, but cannot approach me, I approach some, but find it hard to approach some, because I am not certain of their interest, as a peace organization, we need to carry everyone along.

What is the interest moment of your life?

The interest moment of my life is when I see youths pledging their life and resources as peace ambassadors.

What is your advice to other creative?

First of all as individual, you should know that it is not easy to build ideas, the biggest resources on earth is to put ideas together and innovate something, so whenever you are trying to stand out among your peers, you will face series of challenges, some will make you feel as if you should just quit and give up, but I keep saying, wherever you will go, will still be someone’s idea, are you destined to build someone and break yourselves ? If yes, good, if no, then you must go out there face the challenges and develop your ideas into a reality.

Are you in the front line on the Covid-19 pandemic?

Yes, me and members of YCAPF nationwide have been risking our lives, preaching peace and creating awareness on the preventive measures outlined by WHO and NCDC, those in the local communities we translate every gadget to their local language for them, we advice them on social distancing and frequent washing of hands. We also do share palliatives to the vulnerable people, we have also participated in shearing that of the government, most especially to those with disabilities.

Our organization is recently working with United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) and other organizations to sensitize people on the said pandemic.

What are your advice to Nigerians?

With regards to the pandemic, from our analysis, we have got to understand that, 90% of Nigerians have not received any kind of aids from the government, despite the donations going to the government and money been voted everyday, it will seem to interest you that, Nigerians do not wish to listen to anybody, as it is said “A Hungry Man is an Angry Man”, they all ask of food, with that we have to source for palliatives from the contribution made by members to share and then advise them on how to protect themselves. So, the government and other agencies should try to reach out to the masses, and for Nigerians, we should know that our lives is very important to us, even if the government did not provide anything for us, we should try to protect our lives, and everyone can be an advocate, try to enlighten your neighbour.

Lastly, for anybody who will wish to join us or contribute their quota, they can visit our website on www.ycapf.org.ng or email us at [email protected].


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