Dedication, Focus, Determination Responsible For My Success – Akinlolu Jekins

By Anthony Ada Abraham

Akinlolu “Jekins” Jikiemi, a seasoned talent manager and entrepreneur has averred that being underestimated pushed him to success.

According to him, part of the price he paid was being underestimated. “A lot of people thought I didn’t have what it takes. They perceived me as someone who couldn’t succeed. However my dedication, being focused despite losing a lot of money, kept me going. Working under pressure also helped to shape who I have become”.

Jekins who has worked with the likes of Julius Agwu, Helen Paul and others added that as an events planner based in the UK, he had challenges with visa applications and didn’t get enough support from his colleagues in the entertainment industry.

“We had issues with getting visa applications which would have facilitated artiste’s performance in the UK. In addition, I didn’t get enough support from industry colleagues and event promoters’ .Another challenge I encountered was the shortage of sponsors who would have bought into our ideas”.

On how he was able to overcome the numerous challenges and setbacks, he said:” We observed, studied and mastered the UK entertainment market and also  worked with the comedians  from Nigeria , Ghana , South Africa that were ready to put in the work and communicate to a diverse audience.  We entered into more partnership with most of our clients to make each project a successful one”.

Comparing the entertainment sector in the UK to that of Nigeria, he said: ”The major differences are evident. Lack of proper structures, lack of good legislations, absence of crowd control and discipline. Also we don’t have enough marketing platforms. Nigerians need to be more comfortable to buy and purchase online, not only at the event venue”.


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